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Brandon Moner
UX Design Technologist

As designers, It’s easy to follow trends and fall into the same mental formation. But I think it’s important to never lose ourselves, or our voice, but instead to draw on our unique perspectives and those of others with each project. I’ve always had a fascination with making things function better. And, with design in particular, making things function better in regards to how we use them. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive solutions.

My identity as a UX designer is grounded in a capacity for cognitive empathy, a deep interest in how people connect through verbal and visual communication, and a passion for languages and cultures, enriched by my multicultural background.

Outside of the office, my interests lie in music production & sound design, 3d animation & visual fx, and motion graphics.

Contact Me

I like connecting with, and learning from others. Feel free to find me on social media, or just send me an e-mail directly at
[email protected]

1 (248) 825-3058